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Fearless Finance Mobile

Hi! We’re so happy you chose Fearless Finance and we’re here to help. If you ever have a question, please email

To get the app, search for "Fearless Finance" or use the links below.

Image of Fearless Mobile
A brief overview

Using the App

You’re ready to start using your mobile tracking app. Do this:

  1. Download the app from your app store (search Fearless Finance)
  2. Sign in with the same username and password you use for Fearless Finance will preload your targets for Groceries and Blue Points
  3. If you want Fearless Finance to scrape your accounts and download and auto-categorize your transactions (recommended), go to Account>>Linked Financial Accounts>>New (blue circle)
  4. Once you click New, you will be brought to our bank security software, Plaid, and they will interact with your bank
  5. Click “continue” and you see a list of a LOT of banks. Thousands. Find yours and go through the screens to connect.
  6. Only connect your checking and credit card accounts. No need to connect savings or loans


Things to know

  • Your progress bar and amount reset EVERY MONTH, ahh… it’s like a whole new start
  • Hold your finger down on either progress bar to see all the transactions for that category
  • Hold your finger down on a transaction to edit it (change it from Blue to Groceries or Other)
  • Don’t worry about EVERYTHING ELSE BESIDES BLUE POINTS AND GROCERIES – you only need to monitor them to make sure you have enough to save each month
  • Switch to ANNUAL view to see how you’re doing on your Annual Expenses
  • If you see you have some Uncategorized transactions, click Uncategorized and swipe right if it’s Blue Points and swipe left if it's Groceries. Click "other" if it's neither.