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Run Fearless Finance ONCE/year like a financial physical and track JUST 2 expenses each month on our easy mobile app

Why Fearless Finance
Is Different

What Fearless Finance
Gives You

With Fearless Finance, Your Finances Won’t Run Your Life and Here’s Why

No Budgets

Just use our app to track 2 types of expenses

No Time-Suck

Run Fearless Finance once a year or at a life change like a new job.

No Linking Accounts

You don’t have to link accounts unless you want to

No Confusion

You get clear, easy-to-implement recommendations

No Conflicts

Fearless Finance has no ads, affiliations, or credit card pitches

Fearless Finances' 5 Points of Financial Security

Know you are on the right financial path

Everyone wants to know they are financially secure, right? With Fearless Finance, you will know where you are crushing it and where you might need work. If you're not quite where you should be on any point, Fearless Finance will give you specific recommendations to help you get financially secure.

Mobile App

Fearless Finances's mobile app lets you easily track your groceries and full discretionary (blue) expenses monthly. No need to track anything else once you are on your Fearless Finance plan.

What's holding you back from less financial stress and more peace of mind?

  • I'm not a math whiz, I hate financial stuff.

    Don't worry, Fearless Finance gives easy to follow, step-by-step recommendations you can implement today to make you more financially secure. Take a look at the recommendations in our sample report.

  • Is it expensive?

    Nope. You can subscribe ($6.99 per month or $59.99 per year) and get access to Fearless Finance any time you want to see how you're doing or have a life change like a new job or new home, and you get access to our easy-to-use mobile tracking app. You can also choose our One-Time option and pay $32.99 once and get your Summary Report and the ability to change your inputs/data for 30 days. You do not get access to the mobile tracking app with the One-Time option.

  • How much time does it take?

    We'll share your Summary and Recommendations after you go through a few screens of data gathering. It should take about 10-20 minutes.

  • Is there a commitment?

    Nope. Fearless Finance is like a financial physical. You do it once a year and follow the easy-to-implement recommendations to increase your financial health. No need to check dashboards or buy a subscription.

  • Should I be worried about my account information?

    Nope. We do not link to ANY of your accounts. Your expenses and balances are input by you, and we don't even need your name.

Take control of your finances.

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