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Financial peace of mind starts with tracking your spending and saving.

We help you set the right spending and saving amounts and track them easily from the palm of your hand.

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How Does Fearless Finance Benefit you?

No Budgets

No need to track every expense because most don’t change each month like your cable bill. Track only your fun money (we call it full discretionary money) and Groceries each month because that’s where you might overspend. We also have you track your large annual expenses like vacations and camp.

Tracking at a glance

Just look down at your progress bars to see how you’re doing. Slow down if you’ve spent too much too early in the month. Go for that new pair of shoes if you haven’t. No line items to fill in or math to do.

Expert advice on setting targets

You’re not alone! You give us some data through your financial physical and we recommend targets that help you reach improve your financial wellbeing and reach your goals. Don't wonder if you’re right about your finances.

How Fearless Finance Works

Painless Profile free

Check your financial health in 4 easy steps, with our Financial Physical.

Update your info or add more details at any time.

Get a snapshot report of how you’re doing based on our 5 Points of Financial Wellness.

Then Track Areas Where You May Overspend free

Just track expense categories where you tend to overspend. That’s where most people overspend.

Easy progress bars track spending against your pre-set target. Transactions auto-categorized and changeable with a click!

No budgets. No manual entry. No line items. Try not to go over!

Go Premium! Track Savings, Custom Categories, and More

For $4.99/month (or $49.99/year), track your savings to make sure you reach your goals.

Track specific “hotspot” categories like pet or medical.

Track your credit card debt pay off, too.

Connect your accounts

We've integrated industry vetted and PCI compliant financial services to communicate with your banks and credit cards.

Transaction information is automatically brought in, categorized, and counted so you always have an up to date picture of how you're doing.

Created with by financial experts

Our algorithm is designed by a financial planner with over 25 years of financial experience.

We focus on what matters most: spending less than you earn and saving enough for rainy days and the future.

We put you through our custom 5 Point Financial Physical to see how you’re doing on the most important aspects of personal finance. Whether you’re a college grad, newlywed, new parent or newly retired, your recommendations are tailored to you.

Fearless Finance does not take any commissions and has no affiliations. Your financial security is our priority.

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