The simple key to Money Happiness is consistently spending LESS THAN YOU EARN.

Budgets don’t work. Every month is different. This is Tracking.

With the Fearless app you know much you spend on fun and groceries. These are the two places people most commonly overspend and can fluctuate the most. Everything else like the cable bill usually stays the same.

No messing around with spreadsheets or data.
Just link your cards and accounts and we do the rest.
3 accounts free, then $1.99 for every extra account.
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Track. Control. Start saving. And end living check to check.

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It’s time to face the money.

Money decisions or just finding out you’re okay.

Whether it’s affording a new car, starting to save for retirement, or just trying to make sure you’re okay, you want to get advice from an expert. You get the app AND 30 minutes/year of time with a Registered Planner who will do our Financial Inventory with you.

  • Are you spending less than you earn?
  • Saving the right amount each month?
  • Have enough emergency and rainy day savings?
  • Contributing enough to retirement?
  • Managing debt?
  • Can you afford the new car, new gear, or a share in a beach house?

$7.99/month with a one year commitment.

Less than the price of a streaming service to get financial peace of mind. Adulting gets you 30 minutes with a Registered Financial Planner each year to complete a financial inventory on you and give you advice on where you can increase savings, reduce debt or whether you can afford that beach house next summer.

Get in front of big life decisions

Leveling up

You’ve been pretty good with your basic finances. You have some cash stashed, you spend within your means, but now things are getting pretty interesting. You’re ready to:

  • Buy a property
  • Change jobs or reduce hours at work
  • Merge finances with your life partner
  • Have a child or a second
  • Figure out how to pay for graduate school

$14.99/month with a one year commitment.

Leveling Up gets you 1 hour/year of time with a registered financial planner who will take you through our Financial Inventory AND work through your financial questions. You may have one big question like “how do I save for a property and what can I afford” or a lot of smaller ones you want to ask throughout the year. Either way is fine with us!

We’re always here

Topping up.

When you’re a member of Fearless Finance you always have a planner on your side. If something comes up and you need to talk it through with your planner, you can buy a half hour of time whenever you need for $95/half hour. You’re not alone anymore when it comes to finances!

$95/half hour

Get the help you need when you need it from your registered financial planner. When questions come up or when the basement floods and you have to figure out how to pay for it, click Top Up and you can pay by the half hour to get the advice you need.