Money Happiness for Absolutely Everyone

Increase your financial wellbeing and reduce money stress with no scams, no sales, and no pressure.

If you’ve ever felt like too small a fish to get financial advice, or that fiduciary financial advice is for “rich people,” think again. We’re here to bring fiduciary (where your interests come first) financial advice to everyone, no matter where you are on your financial journey.

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For the people

Our simple revolution

We wake up every morning to give you scam-free, easy to implement, financial advice. The financial planning sector left too many people behind, so we changed it.

Start by knowing where you stand financially.
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Get clear unbiased human advice on how to improve.
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Get more advice by the hour when life happens.
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Or, pay as you go with hourly financial planning.
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The human touch

Sometimes, you just need to speak to someone

We know sometimes you really just need to speak to a human. You have all the data and you might know where you want to end up, but implementing your plan with all the specifics of YOUR life can be a challenge. We’re here to help.

True Fiduciary

Regulated. Secured. Your interests come first.

No Sales

No Scams

No Commissions

No bull&%$!

Financial advice you can finally trust. A fiduciary is someone who holds a ethical relationship of trust, and we are legally bound to do that. We don’t make any commissions or have affiliations with anyone. We have YOUR BEST INTERESTS as our goal. You hear a lot of advisors claiming to be fiduciaries, but very few can truly be fiduciary if they want to manage your money, or make their money by selling you insurance or financial products. We don’t do any of that.

Why Fearless Finance

Reduce financial stress.

77% of Americans are worried about money, but you’re not alone with Fearless Finance. We geek out on personal finance and want to make sure you’re in the best financial position you can be in. We’re the financially savvy relative you never had!

Know where you stand on key financial indicators.
A real human planner will tell you how to improve your financial wellbeing.
We don’t sell anything or take commissions.
We’re here when you have questions. Always.
How we can help

Simple, transparent, affordable.

Smart Starter

$0 /mo

  • Track, manage, and budget your spending on our app free for up to 3 accounts. Simple.
  • Every additional account added is $1.99/month. Find out more here.

First Time Adulting

$7.99 /mo

  • Let’s take the stress out of money events in your life like merging accounts, paying down debt, or fixing a flooded basement.
  • We’ll connect your accounts, put you through our financial inventory, and give you feedback on how you’re doing financially in a 30 minute session with your registered financial advisor.

Leveling Up

$14.99 /mo

  • Things are going well, but you want to make some bigger moves like buying a house, planning a wedding, having a baby, or checking your investment portfolio.
  • We’ll connect your accounts, put you through our financial inventory and provide more time to discuss YOUR specific financial needs like buying a property. You get an hour with your registered financial advisor each year.

By the hour

$95 /30 min

  • If you’re not into subscriptions and want to do work directly with your registered financial advisor on a full financial plan, this is for you.
  • Schedule a 15 minute FREE consultation to get more details on how to get started.
Smart Starter First Time Adulting Leveling Up
Financial Checkup Report
Expense Tracking
Connect Bank / Credit Cards 3 account 7 accounts unlimited accounts
Fiduciary Advice 30 min / yr 1 hr / yr
No small print

Read this before signing up

We don’t believe in small print, so here’s the deal: we’re making hourly financial advice more convenient by splitting it into monthly installments. But, if you get a subscription, you’re locked in for a year. It’s built this way so we can give you advice upfront without the upfront costs. We’re saying this upfront because we’re committed to being totally transparent with you.